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Over 10 Years and still going strong!

Designatude was created and launched in 2008. We have been designing and developing websites since 2006 right here in the local Portland, Oregon area.

I have the honor of working with a very talented team of web designers, developers, SEO – SEM – SMM marketers, and content writers. We all work very well together with a good established line of communication and trust.

Our team continually researches all the aspects that define a well marketed and dynamically driven online business. Web technology evolves so quickly – that we make it a point to always involve ourselves within the new Web standards.

Our mission at Designatude is to not only back up the services that we provide, but also to help inform and provide insight for you on some of the your choices toward a successful online marketing strategy and campaign.

I focus on building lasting customer relationships based on excellent communication and trust. This inevitably leads to customer satisfaction and my ability to sleep peacefully at night!

Brad Lindsey


Brad Lindsey owner of Designatude SEO and Digital marketing in Portland Oregon


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