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Portland SEO • Quality vs Quantity?

Quality Always Wins Out!

2019 is already here…wow time flies! Google’s search algorithms have certainly evolved from the past 5 years.

“Content is King”…has been replaced by “Quality content is King”. We stay on top of all Google algorithm updates.

Awesome content marketing companies in Portland are not easy to find. We have a knack for writing keyword optimized website content that will keep your visitors engaged and propel your organic search engine results!

Portland SEO services from Designatude digital marketing company

We are analytics geeks to say the least! Our search engine optimization approach is more customized toward what we have learned from your top 3 competitors.

What is working well for them? What can we do better?

Based off the many variables we learn from a deep analysis, we can then develop an optimal strategy that caters to your business niche and search engine goals.

Combined with a little time, patience, and our highly effective system, the successful search engine results will speak for themselves!

Local SEO Portland Oregon

Local Listings • Google My Business

Portland Local SEO services from Designatude

Having a consistent Name, Address, and Phone# listed on trustworthy local business directories is one of the most important factors for ranking in Google’s 3 Pack Local Search results!

We will list your business on 100+ Top Local Directories and help get you landed on the top 3 listings!

Designatude Portland SEO company offering local SEO services

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Our Portland SEO Services Include:


Keyword Research & Analysis

This is the very beginning process for your business website toward obtaining high traffic and successful search results.

We create a robust and thorough keyword list, then develop a content and link strategy based on the keyword competition and number of searches resulting from Google & Bing users.

seo keyword research analysis in Portland OR

Website SEO Audits & Reports

Having broken links/pages and duplicate content can really hurt your search ranking efforts…

Doing a thorough audit will save you time, money, and problems down the road! After a careful website analysis, we take our list of repairs, and move forward to on page optimization for the complete adjustments!

Portland SEO website audit services

On Page/Site Optimization

Fast, Responsive, Google Mobile friendly, and clean code!

We design mobile friendly websites for Mobile users as the priority. More than 53% of people are searching the Internet on their mobile device, and this just keeps increasing!

We will fine tune your website for natural flowing keyword headings (H1-H6), images (alt tags), and write quality trusted content your users and the search engines will love!

Link Acquisition Campaigns

This is the ‘meat and potatoes‘ for any business website obtaining high organic search results!

We have the uncanny ability for getting your high traffic keyword links on high authority, niche related – trusted websites, blogs, and business directories.

Our Portland SEO experts will also analyze all your competitor’s back links, and grab all we can!

seo Portland Oregon custom back linking services

Portland SEM – (PPC) Campaigns

Outside of Organic search engine optimization and Content Marketing, a Pay Per Click campaign will bring instant gratification and traffic results.

Depending on your business marketing budget, a well run PPC campaign can certainly be successful with a high ROI (return on investment). We are here to help you with that.

We create inviting ads for higher Click Through Rates (CTR), and landing pages that will convert customers!

Portland SEO experts helping businesses with PPC campaigns

Data Collection & Analytics

Our Portland SEO consultants and experts reiterate the importance of data collection and web analytics as an ongoing campaign for Portland digital marketing success.

We use Google Analytics, Webmasters, Search Console, as well as other robust tracking tools – ahrefs and SemRush.

Given our experience with these tools, we are able to track all your visitors, keyword search rankings, and back link profiles.

Portland SEO Analytics Tracking servicesSemRush analytics and tracking    a hrefs tracking tools

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FAQ about our SEO services in Portland…

We work in house which eliminates high overhead costs, making our hourly rate at $75, very inexpensive compared to the average Portland SEO agency.

Our hourly rate applies for Technical SEO and Website Optimization (optimal keyword analysis, content integration and on page SEO). For Portland SEO Consulting, we use a fixed rate based on the consulting time period scheduled.

For high quality and robust Back Linking Campaigns, our monthly contracts start at $1,800 – 25% less than what the average SEO Agency in Portland is asking for.

Don’t worry! You are not locked into a 6 month retainer. We suggest sticking with us for at least 3 months, as this is about the time your high traffic keyword rankings start appearing on Google’s first page!

High search results can take a bit of time, as Google’s algorithms have to process the many variables that determine your website authority, trust, and overall search rankings.

This is why we ask you to commit to working with us for at least 3-6 months.

We will lay a solid foundation and strategy for your business website and quickly move on to quality content and back links.

Ranking improvements will start appearing in the first 2-3 months. 6 months is about the average time where front page results start sustaining their position for your higher traffic keywords.

We can’t promise you that we will get your website ranked #1 on the Google search results. Any digital marketing agency in Portland that makes this promise, is just not being honest!

We will be very upfront with the system and strategy we think will be most successful for your business search results.

With great communication, patience and working well together, our system will certainly yield high search results!

The answer to this question is…yes and no. Google cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy by anyone.

But, with a little patience, we think you will be impressed by the results that we can achieve working together!

Absolutely. Once a month we will send you a detailed report based on our Google Analytics/Webmaster’s data. We can also set you up with these tools, so you can track your search results and search traffic at anytime.

Information included: your organic website traffic numbers, Click Through Rate (CTR – how many people clicked), geographical and other visitor behaviors, your keyword search rankings, and much more!

We ask you a few questions on your marketing goals. Then, we take a look at your website, as well as your top 3 competitor’s websites.

It is then time to give you some honest feedback and suggest what strategy would work best for your immediate and long term marketing goals.

We will then submit to you a 1 month contract to be signed, and work starts immediately thereafter!

For any questions or inquiries on SEO in Portland Oregon, call us today…503-933-6950!

Businesses We Focus on for SEO:

Attorneys/Law Firms




HVAC Electrical Plumbing

Health and Wellness

Small Businesses

Real Estate

Auto Repair & Sales

and many more…

Which Portland SEO Consultant
should I choose?

Well…if you happened to do a Google search for the terms “SEO Portland” or “Portland SEO Company”, the Portland search engine optimization companies listed on the front page have a good idea and knowledge of what they are doing.

Portland’s population and market has grown tremendously in the past 10 years and ranking well on the front page of Google has gotten more competitive than ever!

It does get a bit tricky as organic search engine optimization can involve a lot variables on and off your business website. The main question is:

How much will this cost and how long will it take to get my keywords in the top 3?

For Local SEO, we like to think we can get businesses showing up in the top 3 within a 3-6 month period.

If you are having to choose between a 6 month retainer contract or the option for a month to month retainer, which we offer, then this choice might be the right one for you.

We would like to have your phone ringing and your email box filling up more sooner than later!

Honesty • Integrity • Dedication
Let’s Meet!

“Hey all you business owners in Portland Oregon SEO can be tricky and getting accurate information is key!

I work in house, here in the Portland OR area, with a group of talented Content Writers, Search Engine specialists, and Web Designers.

I would be more than happy to schedule an SEO Consulting Appointment and meet up at your business when convenient.

I will bring my laptop and show you all the ‘behind the scenes information‘ on what your competitors are doing to achieve their high Google search results.

I am confident, that by the end of our discussion, there is a very good chance that we could work together and develop a strategy for landing your high traffic keywords on the top 3 spots of the Google search…more sooner than later!

Vancouver Washington businesses, we haven’t forgotten about you. We provide SEO Vancouver WA services as well!

For all businesses located outside the area…let’s do this by phone or Skype!”

Brad Lindsey – Owner of designatude.com

Call us today 503-933-6950!

We love and use the robust Ahref’s tools. Sam Oh has some great suggestions for on page optimization, which we use and expand much further upon. Enjoy!