Facebook advertising can accelerate your business. Whether you have an eCommerce, drop shipping store or any other online business, Facebook ads can be important for your profits. Social media advertising can immensely improve your sales and profitability. Like Twitter and Pinterest, Facebook is a huge opportunity for businesses to overcome critical mass in the market.

With Facebook advertisements, you can gain a lot of email subscribers and build a massive tribe of people for getting to know and trust your services and brand. This will eventually increase the amount of money that you will earn from placing these social media ads.

Why are People Scared to Run Facebook Ads?

A lot of people seem to be scared to spend money on Facebook Ads these days. After making a first initial investment on one Facebook Ad, with no profit showing, they think it’s a failure.

Let’s take an example of a drop shipping store to understand this concept. The important method to finding a winning product for your business is to invest in 10-20 different products with different Facebook ads. This way you can find one or two winning products.

So, you are going to put $5 to $10 toward one product. You are running awareness based ads with a link that people can click on to ultimately buy your product. Now a lot of these ads are going to fail, they are not going to sell more than the ads cost. But out of those 10 to 20 ads, two will either break even or start making money.

And the benefit of that is, as they start making money, you can scale those ads to drive more traffic to your site and for more conversions.

Then you can start re targeting the people that are clicking on that product. The ones that don’t buy right away have a higher chance of coming back and buying later. So, it took 20 different ads to find a winning product.

That one product ad can then scale to be worth thousands of dollars for your Facebook income.  If you’re not testing any product at all you will not be able to find your target audience and bestselling products. The successful Facebook Ads can really help propel your business traffic.

Perhaps if you are newer to running Facebook ads, and have any questions on targeting your audience and such, consult with a digital marketing company and see what they recommend to help get you started.

Three common mistakes people make in Facebook Advertising

There are two groups of Facebook advertisers. The ones that have actually tried Facebook ads and haven’t noticed any positive results, and have been severely disappointed. And then you have those who tried and got amazing results quickly.

The reason behind the failure are some of the mistakes in which the advertiser makes in their advertising approach.

Here are some common mistakes people make in Facebook Advertising:

Driving Traffic to the Homepage

First of all, a common mistake which so many people make when it comes to Facebook Ads is that they drive their traffic to the homepage of their website. Or to a page that is a sales page. Why is this a big mistake? Well quite simply, people that are on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, are not looking to buy anything.

They are not looking to visit a new dentist or looking to buy a manual on how to train a German shepherd. It’s not like search traffic in Google when someone types ‘chiropractor in LA’ – because they are really looking for one. But that’s not how Facebook Advertising works.

So, it’s important to understand that. Even if you have done your ads correctly, you may not be getting that many people to buy. What you should be doing instead, is building your email list. You should be offering what’s called “ethical bribe” to grab a name and email address in exchange for valuable information.

Daily Budget on Facebook

The reality is that you don’t need a massive daily budget to test whether an ad is working or not. Start off at $10 per day using the social network. And that’s more than enough to figure out if you’re going to convert in the appropriate measures. People going in with the mindset of spending a lot of money from the get go, with no testing, are setting themselves up for a budget disaster!

Your paid advertising budget should be balanced out with your overall SEO budget.

Creating a Dull Facebook ad

Another common mistake that people make in social media advertising is that they don’t focus on the ad much. The ad itself is very important for your advertising campaign! In your ad, you have a title, image and description.

Real quick, your title needs to isolate the exact target audience. Ad image is 60% of the reason why somebody clicks on the ad. So your image should instill curiosity among it’s target.

Lastly, don’t get emotionally attached to these ads, some will work and others won’t. You don’t need a lot of money to test one winning ad and that can skyrocket your sales. If you are not using Facebook for advertising, now is a good time to start.

With Facebook ads, you get a chance to do some testing. Figure out what works and what doesn’t. Then eventually, your business will get more traffic at a lower cost per click, and of course a higher “Click through rate”.

For any questions on Facebook advertising and running a campaign, don’t hesitate to contact Designatude today!