In the rapidly moving world of e-commerce, your website holds the key. The design of your website makes for the face of your business, and the first big impression waiting for all your incoming visitors to experience.

This is why companies are now emphasizing greatly on the formation and design of their respective websites and on the way it affects the customer experience.

The e-commerce segment has achieved enormous heights in growth and popularity. In the present era, it’s almost impossible for businesses to survive without a proper online presence.

Every element of the website is positioned to serve a specific purpose, which means all the elements involved in the design of your site are significant to the customer’s experience.

This in turn has a huge influence on the perception of the brand, its ability to gain and retain customers, and its reputation among users.

The current digital philosophy – carries a lot of weight for user experience. The design and layout of your site are an extremely important tool when it comes to enhancing customer experience.

As mentioned earlier, your website is the first contact point for your potential customer, and we know too well how much those first impressions count. Therefore, it is highly imperative that you get your user experience (UX) layout right.

Top Reasons Your Web Design Should Be Based On Customer Experience


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1.) Brand’s Reflection

Web design showcases the overall image of your brand. All the leading brands in the world are looking to tap into the customer during their first contact.

This is where the importance of your site comes into play as it is the first meeting between you and your potential customer.

When a customer visits your site, they are investing time in your idea. You don’t want to be falling short of their expectations.

The successful companies don’t let this meeting slip away, and they try to catch the customers’ eyes and mind right then and there.

The competition in today’s market sphere is so fierce that you cannot afford to slack when it comes to your brand and its reputation!

2.) Linking of Buyer’s Journey to Marketing Automation

Bringing marketing automation and customer analytics together, allows you to leverage this data to create a better customer experience. If your eCommerce website is designed efficiently, the customer will be able to move smoothly through it and achieving their goal on your website will be much easier.

Not only that, but this will also help you in marketing automation as you will know in a very simple way exactly where the customer went and whether or not they got what they wanted. This makes for a great way to nurture your precious leads and grow them into conversions!

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Moreover, the buyer’s journey teaches you a lot about the prevailing market situation. Data from all the activity a user does on your website/app needs to be tracked and stored in a single place and updated within milliseconds as new data comes in.

There’s the newsletter subscription, the account creation, the purchases, the form submissions, the email opens, the clicked campaigns, data from DMPs (Data Management Plan) and so much more.

It is effective if you follow customers along their journey, learn from the analytics and send them relevant messages along the way. It helps you stay on top of the customer’s mind and helps you in positioning your brand in the heart of the customer.

The current day marketing is all about being in the mind of the customers. You need to be their first-go-to person in any sort of need. Once you gain this level of confidence from your customers, then the rest of the way is easy. The most difficult task is to gain the trust of the customer.

When the customer visits your website and gets a wow experience, they should never forget it. The customers also tend to propagate their experiences. If a happy and satisfied customer spreads the word, you are creating free marketing for your brand from the mouth of your customer.

3.) Enables Customers to Act

Companies should identify their legacy, procedures, and technology to create ease and a wonderful experience for their valued customers. Quality web design is a great way to make sure that is done well.

You must ensure to make it easy for customers to take actions on your website, be it through creating high converting product pages, through effective Call to Actions (CTA), or an efficient UX web design. Actions need to be accessible and simple to take, not complicated and different.

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When you give customers convenience, and the liberty of choice, you are enabling them to reach the conversion goals you have set for your business on their own terms. Once they do convert, they feel better about their selection and most importantly comfortable with your brand because:

  • You give them the liberty to feel in control.
  • You have provided an exceptional friction less customer experience.

4.) Better Functionality Of The Website

It is normally easy to assume that a site is functional from a quick glance at the way it is designed. However, it is extremely crucial to keep reviewing it from an objective point of view, the customer’s eye that is, to look for any possible weaknesses.

These weaknesses become deadly when the customer notices it before you and especially when their experience is adversely affected because of the weakness. The functionality of your website can hamper its conversions despite having good quality traffic.

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It is always significant to check if all the information you are looking to disseminate is easily accessible. The navigation also needs to be smooth and light. These factors contribute massively to the responsiveness of the user on the site.

Customers expect to have a good experience from all the entry points of a website. They want to surf and move quickly through your site. In essence, they want to access all the information they need from anywhere they enter on your website.

5.) Professionalism

Your website and its design, are the tools that display the level of professionalism present for your business. All the elements in your design should be professionally synchronized in the manner that excites the customers.

Your visitors need to feel satisfied that they are dealing with a reputable business before they start to convert.

There are numerous ways of illustrating expertise. Different companies in different sectors depict this in their own way. Posting fun, yet professionally taken pictures of the staff, reviews of customers, and having a culture page are the commonly used tactics by the firms to portray their professionalism.

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The term ‘customer experience‘ has become the new buzzword in the modern day digital world. A top notch designed site is one of the most integral parts of the customer’s experience when viewing a business’s website.

Your company’s website is an essential element that customers base their first impression on. It is extremely important for any business to have a quality, compelling and user friendly website.

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There are few ways you can tailor your customers’ digital experience to really give them exactly what they are looking for.

Websites that provide a customized experience are highly likely to have increased user engagement, better customer satisfaction levels, and increased conversions!